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Ok, so it bothers me that some people in my industry (web design and development) are prepared to prey on a clients’ lack of technical knowledge to charge an absolute fortune for services that are mediocre at best. 

My former employer paid through the nose for a service to a Company that offered simple products, slow turnaround times and expensive service. I can remember my former employer paying multiple thousands of dollars for a simple page template that any wordpress noob could whip up in half an hour – and with a turnaround time of two weeks! This service or lack of was only apparent after we had committed to an initial build and agreed to a payment. It’s people and agencies like this that grind my gears in the IT industry. It also appears that the larger the client and/or agency, the greater the premium is paid for simple service and output.

Agencies cite “standard turnaround times” “rush rates” and “scheduling” as a reason to hold back work, and charge more.

Often despite these rates the supplied work is not tested. Sure, they’re busy, but why commit do agencies commit to work when they know that they cannot meet any realistic service level? So often their proposal promises the world, yet delivery doesn’t match the optimism that is sold so passionately in the beginning.

I believe many digital agencies hide behind this knowledge asymmetry to make a killing with clients who know no better and get taken for a ride. I have nothing against companies making a profit, paying staff well and so on, this is business. So often it appears to me it is at the exploitation of their clients who lack the nous to know better.

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