What? Youtube?

So those of you that know me well would know that a Youtube channel is likely to be the last place on Earth that you would find me, but yes believe it or not, I have started a Youtube channel. 

What I have discovered however is that it’s bloody hard to get your videos to rank anywhere near the top. After some research I have found a few tips for those all important keyword rankings, and Ill share a couple with you here.

1. User interaction is the main ranking factor for ranking on Youtube for popular search terms. Paramount to this is total length of video watched, comments, shares and likes. You can gauge these numbers through Youtube Creator Studio. So, you ask, how do you increase your user interaction? The first and most obvious answer to this is to make your video as good as possible. Ok, so you probably didn’t need to read this post to figure that out, so here’s a couple of other ideas to help you out. There are several ‘sub for sub’ forums out there where you exchange subscriptions and comment on each others videos. 

Another useful tip is be active in the youtube community and to comment on as many other videos as you can, and people will often watch your videos after you comment on theirs.

2. As google algorithms are not yet good enough to watch videos, you need to tell them via your description and video tags what your videos are about. Make your description at least 200 words and use your keywords 3-4 times. Use relevant tags as much as possible.

3. Get as many genuine views from sources outside of youtube as much as you can. Post your video on Facebook, your own website, as an answer to a relevant Quora question, to Linked In, even in your email signature. All this traffic brought from other sources into Youtube will result in a ranking gain.

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